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We have recently started to update the LimeSurvey manual. Therefore, we kindly ask for your help because many English pages are outdated. At the moment, CDorin rewrites the English documentation. But... the more the merrier. So, do not hesitate to give us a hand when you have some free time to spare on LimeSurvey documentation.

Although many wiki pages are already translated into different languages, they will become obsolete when LimeSurvey 3.0 will be officially released. Please note that LimeSurvey 3.0+ comes with a different graphical user interface (GUI) and more features than LimeSurvey 2.x. As a result, also the non-English documentation has to be updated.

Therefore, all the screenshots and explanations should be based on LimeSurvey 3.0+. This page will be updated every two weeks with the wiki pages that have been already updated and require translations. For a complete list of the pages that require translations, see the below list.

If you have questions, contact us on our forum] or join the IRC channel

  Attention : If a page is completely different from LimeSurvey 2.x, then you should mention at the beginning of the respective wiki page what the differences are between LimeSurvey 2.x and LimeSurvey 3.x and add a link to a new wiki that contains the old wiki information that are based on LimeSurvey 2.x.

List of wiki pages that have been updated and require translation
Page Additional information The page was updated by
How to translate LimeSurvey CDorin
Quick start guide CDorin
Installation CDorin
Optional settings Few things might not correspond to 3.0+ but those can be found in LimeSurvey 2.0+. CDorin
Upgrading from a previous version CDorin
ComfortUpdate CDorin
Installation using a command line interface (CLI) CDorin
Transferring an installation CDorin
Installation FAQ CDorin
Installation security hints CDorin
Localization CDorin
Getting started CDorin
First login - your user preferences CDorin
Administering LimeSurvey CDorin
Home page settings CDorin
Global settings CDorin
Manage users CDorin
Manage user groups CDorin
Central participants database CDorin
Label sets CDorin
Check data integrity CDorin
Backup entire database CDorin
ComfortUpdate CDorin