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|[[Template options]]
|[[Theme options]]
|A more in-depth description is needed (it is a new LS 3 feature). I will start to work on it once I am done with the question types.
|A more in-depth description is needed (it is a new LS 3 feature). I will start to work on it once I am done with the question types.
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|[[Participant tokens]]
|[[Participant settings]]

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We have recently started to update the English documentation of LimeSurvey. Therefore, we need your help in order to update the non-English documentation, too. Please only translate those pages that appear as being already edited and revised in the following table:

List of wiki pages that have been updated and require translation
Page Additional information The page was updated by Date The page was revised by Date
How to translate LimeSurvey CDorin 2017/09/27 StuartJKondziella 2017/10/17
Quick start guide CDorin 2017/09/15 StuartJKondziella 2017/09/26
Installation CDorin 2017/09/11 StuartJKondziella 2017/09/18
Optional settings Few things might not correspond to 3.0+ but those can be found in LimeSurvey 2.0+. CDorin 2017/09/11 StuartJKondziella 2017/09/18
Upgrading from a previous version CDorin 2017/09/06 StuartJKondziella 2017/10/17
ComfortUpdate CDorin 2017/09/06 StuartJKondziella 2017/10/17
Installation using a command line interface (CLI) CDorin 2017/08/07 StuartJKondziella 2017/10/18
Transferring an installation CDorin 2017/09/06 StuartJKondziella 2017/10/18
Installation FAQ CDorin 2017/09/06 StuartJKondziella 2017/10/18
Installation security hints CDorin 2017/09/06 StuartJKondziella 2017/10/18
Localization CDorin 2017/09/11 StuartJKondziella 2017/11/06
First login - your user preferences CDorin 2017/09/11
Administering LimeSurvey CDorin 2017/09/27 StuartJKondziella 2017/11/08
Home page settings CDorin 2017/09/11 StuartJKondziella 2017/11/09
Global settings CDorin 2017/10/12
Manage users CDorin 2017/09/07
Manage user groups CDorin 2017/09/11
Central participants database Might need to be updated soon. However, most of it can be translated. CDorin 2017/09/11
Label sets CDorin 2017/09/11
Check data integrity CDorin 2017/09/11
Backup entire database CDorin 2017/09/11
Survey permissions CDorin 2017/10/05
Survey participants (was tokens) CDorin 2017/10/13
Google API howto CDorin 2017/10/13
Alternatives to the LimeSurvey import function CDorin 2017/10/13
Survey settings CDorin 2017/10/13
Surveys - introduction CDorin 2017/10/17
Overview CDorin 2017/10/19
General settings CDorin 2017/10/19
Survey texts CDorin 2017/10/19
Theme options A more in-depth description is needed (it is a new LS 3 feature). I will start to work on it once I am done with the question types. CDorin 2017/10/20
LimeSurvey_PRO_vs_LimeSurvey_CE CDorin 2017/10/27 StuartJKondziella 2017/10/27
Presentation CDorin 2017/11/01
Publication & access CDorin 2017/11/01
Email bounce tracking system CDorin 2017/11/07
Participant settings CDorin 2017/11/07
Data management CDorin 2017/11/07
Survey quotas CDorin 2017/14/11
Assessments CDorin 2017/23/11
URL fields Cdorin 2017/30/11
Panel integration Cdorin 2017/05/12
Resources Cdorin 2017/12/07
Email templates Cdorin 2017/12/12
Survey structure Cdorin 2017/12/14
Question groups - introduction Some examples will be soon added Cdorin 2017/12/15
Questions - introduction Cdorin 2018/01/09

All the screenshots and explanations should be based on LimeSurvey 3.0+. This page will be updated every two weeks with the English wiki pages that have been already updated and require translations. For a complete list of the pages that require translations, see the list from below.

  Attention : If a page is completely different from LimeSurvey 2.x, then you should mention at the beginning of the respective wiki page the main differences between LimeSurvey 3.x and LimeSurvey 2.x. You could also add a link to another wiki page that contains the information from the old LimeSurvey 2.x wiki.