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LimeSurvey UI Meeting

Every Saturday, 12:00 (12pm) (old) 13:00 (1pm) UTC (NEW) (convert)

How to participate

UI Meeting are held weekly and are open for any user to participate in

To attend, simply join the IRC #limesurvey-ui (Freenode server), using the key "ls2". Also, you can join the regular #limesurvey channel  at the specified date and time, ask for the UI meeting, and await further instructions.

But I've never used IRC before!

If you would like to attend, but didn't understand much of the above, don't worry! Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit LimeSurvey's live chat
  2. Select a user name and click Connect
  3. In the chat window, in place where you would type your message, type in /join #limesurvey-ui ls2
  4. Press Enter. You're in.

List of meetings






LimeSurvey2, being rewritten from scratch, offers a great opportunity to rework the user experience, so it is essential that we discuss and settle on firm UI guidelines. This way, LS2 front-end development becomes easier and the end-result will be a robust front-end with a consistent feel.

Some of the topics to be discussed:

  • visual presentation
  • data presentation
  • minimalism, consistency
  • linear/sandbox workflow
  • user-friendliness especially for newcomers
  • widget-based interface

As a general rule:

{QUOTE()}Eliminate as much ink as possible on the page. The less extraneous text (labels, columns, superfluous data), the better. Get nutty about taking stuff OFF the page.{QUOTE}from LimeSurvey 2.0 Interface QA, Comments


Some interesting ideas and mock-ups from around the web, that could serve as inspiration for LS2 interface.