LimeSurvey 1.x navigating the source code

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After downloading the source code via SVN (See: Accessing the Source Code) you see the following directories:



This is the current stable branch of LimeSurvey v1.70+ and contains the latest hotfixes and translation updates.

/original art

This is the directory with the original arts used in LimeSurvey.


In this directory are server scripts which are in use in .


In this directory are the files, as they are delivered in the download package of the according version.




To translate some text displayed on screen you have to either create a new instance of 'limesurvey_lang' (limesurvey\classes\core\language.php) or in some cirumstances there is already an instance created called '$clang'.

To translate you call the function gT  ($clang->gT(string))

In general $clang is set in (limesurvey\common.php) and uses a number of variables to determine language.