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Prerequisites for such feature are:
Prerequisites for this feature are:
* survey is using token table (closed access survey)
* survey is using token table (closed access survey)

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You may want to have recurring survey, that is to say use the same survey structure for the same set of participants and compare previous answers of one participant to those given later by the same one: this way you can estimate change trends in the answer.

For instance let's think of a satisfaction survey intended to customers having bought a car: you could run the survey one month after the purchase and then 1 year after and compare the answer changes.

For such recurring surveys, you may find it convenient for the participant to see the survey prefilled with his previous answers when he participates for the second time to the survey.

LimeSurvey has a specific feature called "Iterate survey" which enables to manage such surveys.


Prerequisites for this feature are:

  • survey is using token table (closed access survey)


  • survey is not using anonymous answers

File:Anonymous answers param.png

  • survey is using token-answer persistence

File:Token based answer persistence parm.png

How to run it

How to run the survey the second time:

  • do not de-activate the survey after the first set of answers were recorded
  • export your answers so that you'll be able to compare them to the new ones
  • in the Data browsing menu, click the "Iterate survey icon" File:Iterate survey icon.png.
    • This will reset all tokens status to "not used",
    •  and reset all answers status to "not submitted".