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If you like LimeSurvey and think that this is a great project that has to live on, there are several ways to support us. The easiest way is to donate so we can pay for the limesurvey servers and feed the developers.

Another way is to relieve the team of certain things that have to be done. This can include coding/bug fixing, improving the manual, extending translations and lots more.

If you ask yourself "And what will be my benefit?" here are some examples:

  • You will learn a lot and improve your skills.
  • You can influence the future way of LimeSurvey.
  • You will be taken into a great community.
  • You will get applause by the audience.
  • If you work hard you will get a cookie.

Because we do all this in our free time we greatly appreciate every kind of help! Sometimes there are very specific things that have to be done and we have some general issues that have to be taken care of repeatingly.

Specific tasks

General tasks