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In order to add the API from Google Analytics to your survey, please follow the next steps:

  1. Register/login on Google Analytics (GA):
  2. Create a tracking ID (the site should not point to the survey, but to the part before 'index.php?') The tracking ID should be UA-xxxxx.
  3. Go to your survey's global settings in LimeSurvey.
  4. Put the tracking ID into the appropriate field (Google Analytics tracking ID). It's probably the best to set GA to track all pages as you can have more info.
  5. You don't need to do anything in shipped templates, as the {GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_JAVASCRIPT} part is already there.
  6. Activate the survey.
  7. Do the survey.
  8. Go to the GA panel main site (select the appropriate account in the left-hand upper corner if you have more than one). You should see some graphs with the statistics. Beware of the dates in the upper right corner.