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Data policy settings

  • Show survey policy text with mandatory checkbox: If enabled, a policy notice (e.g., regarding the protection of personal data) will be displayed on the welcome page to the survey respondents. The following options are available:
    • Don't show : If chosen, no policy notice will be displayed to your survey respondents.
    • Show as text : If enabled, the whole data security/policy text will be displayed after the welcome message. The checkbox will be displayed at the bottom of the text.
    • Show in modal : If enabled, only the checkbox text will be displayed. To access the full policy/data security text, the survey respondents will have to click on the Show policy button located under the checkbox text.
  • Survey data policy checkbox label
  • Survey data policy message:
  • Survey data policy error message:

Help.png If you want to specify a link to the survey data policy please use the placeholders {STARTPOLICYLINK} and {ENDPOLICYLINK} to define the link that opens the popup. If there is no placeholder given, there will be an appendix.