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  • Show policy notice: If enabled, a policy notice (e.g., regarding the protection of personal data) will be displayed on the welcome page to the survey respondents. The following options are available:
    • Don't show : If chosen, no policy notice will be displayed to your survey respondents.
    • Show as text : If enabled, the whole data security/policy text will be displayed after the welcome message. The checkbox will be displayed at the bottom of the text.
    • Show in modal : If enabled, only the checkbox text will be displayed. To access the full policy/data security text, the survey respondents will have to click on the Show policy button located under the checkbox text.
Help.png Note: If you wish to display a policy notice on the welcome page, the survey respondents will have to confirm that they accept it by ticking the corresponding checkbox. Otherwise, they will not be able to complete the survey. To edit the policy notice texts, access the General settings panel.