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To open access the data entry panel, access one of the survey-related settings, select the Responses menu entry and click on the Data entry screen button.

Data entry screen button location.png

Help.pngThis function is not intended to be available to your participants. When LimeSurvey was first developed, it was intended as a data entry system for paper based surveys. The Data Entry screen is intended to be used when entering returned surveys on a mass basis. Later it has been designed to allow for keyboard based entry (using tabs, space bar, arrow keys, number pad, and keystrokes).

Once accessed, a data-entry panel should look like this:


Help.pngkeyboard shortcuts that can be used while adding your data into the response table: tabulator key (move to the next question) and shift key and tabulator key (previous question)

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, two options can be selected:

  • Finalize response submission:
    • adds a submit date entry to the record making it available as a full response when browsing responses or computing statistics
    • marking the token code as used (if the survey uses a survey participants table)
  • Save for further completion by survey user: it will be displayed as a saved but not submitted answer. This option is used in the case in which you wish to prefill some of the question answers for your respondent and then allow him or her to fill the rest of the survey.

If the "Finalize response submission" check-box is not checked, then the answer will be considered as "not completely filled out", no submission date will be added to the record, and the token will remain available to the participant.