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Die Funktion Datenintegrität prüfen prüft die Konsistenz und Redundanz von Daten. Sie können auf diese Funktion vom Dialog Konfiguration zugreifen:

Check data integrity configuration.png


It looks for possible errors that might exist between the response tables and survey tables or between the token list and the CPDB, and so on.

Data consistency check.png

For everything to be alright, all the values from the screenshot need to meet the consistency standards.

Data redundancy check

If you deactivate a survey, the token tables, the response tables etc., will not be automatically deleted. They will get stored in archived tables. If you do not need them anymore, use the Check data integrity function and select the "leftovers" you wish to delete:

Data redundancy check.png
Important.png  Warning : Please note that you cannot undo the deletion. Once you click on the Delete checked items! button, the data will be gone forever.