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 Hint: This features is available starting in version 4.0.0

Important.png  This feature is currently implemented in beta version of LimeSurvey.


This event can be used each time an email not related to a survey is send.


The event receives the following information:

  • mailer : The mailer object
  • type : Email type : 'passwordreminderadminuser', 'addadminuser', 'mailsendusergroup'. default is unknow, and deprecated usage of function is 'deprecated'
  • subject : Email subject
  • to : Recipient(s) with format [email,name]
  • body : Email body content
  • from : Sender (From)
  • bounce : The Sender (Return-Path)
  • survey : null
  • model : null
  • updateDisable : array

Possible output

The following information can be set in the event:

  • updateDisable : if plugin use mailer to update other parts, allow to disable update by default action
  • subject : Email subject
  • body : Email body content
  • to : Recipient(s) in [[email,name]] format
  • from : From email and name
  • bounce : Return-Path
  • send : If true Limesurvey will send the email. Setting this to false will cause Limesurvey to assume the mail has been sent by the plugin.
  • message : If send is true and action return a message : the message to be shown
  • error : If set and "send" is true, log the error as failed email attempt.