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Internal database

This plugin is the default and can not be disabled. It uses the built in LimeSurvey database. It is a fall-back mechanism to that you can always login to the installation when needed.


By activating this plugin you can perform basic authentication against an LDAP server. Make sure your PHP configuration has LDAP support enabled.

Enabling and configuring settings for plugin AuthLDAP v2.05+

Enable LDAP in PHP.INI. Verify that phpinfo.php shows that LDAP is enabled. Go to LimeSurvey Plugin Manager. Configure LDAP plugin. Example settings: Ldap server e.g. ldap:// ldap:// Port number (default when omitted is 389): LDAP version (LDAPv2 = 2), e.g. 3: 3 Username prefix cn= or uid=: cn= Username suffix e.g. or remaining part of ldap query: ,OU=people,DC=mydomain,DC=com Create a LimeSurvey administrator with the same name as a AD(active directory) user account. Log in using the AD credentials(username and password).

Webserver authentication

This plugin leaves authentication to the webserver and reads the result from a configurable server setting. This method has been around for a while, and was configured from config.php. If you used this authentication, you should enable the plugin in the plugins menu and move your configuration from config.php to the plugin's settings. Feel free to contact the team via the bugtracker or irc-channel if it no longer functions the way it did before.