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 Hint: This features is available starting in version 2.62.0

NB: Version 2.60.0 is not the same version as 2.6. 2.6 is the new name for 2.06.


This event is fired after the assessement value for a question has been calculated.


The event receives the following information:

Name Type Description
surveyId int surveyId for the assessed survey.
lang str language currently being used.
gid int the id of the current group.
qid int the id of the current question.
sqid int the id of the current subquestion (if any).
aid string answer Id (sqga).
assessmentValue int assessment value calculated by default (if any).
response int or string response given by participant

Possible output

The following information can be set in the event:

Name Type Description
assessmentValue int The new assessment value, overriding the default one

Example One of the use cases could be on open text questions where it could be assessed if a response matches a specific "answer".

public function afterSurveyQuestionAssessment()
        // Get Event
        $event = $this->event;

        // Fetch Parameters
        $surveyId = $event->get('surveyId');
        $lang = $event->get('lang');
        $qid = $event->get('qid');
        $response = $event->get('response');

        if ( strtolower($response) == 'limesurvey')
                $event->set('assessmentValue', 2);