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 Hint: This features is available starting in version 2.63.0. build ??????


This event is fired after loading a survey to participant to be able to modify/override some display parameters for current display session.


The event receives the following information:

Name Type Description
surveyId integer The id of the current survey

Possible output

The following information can be set in the event:

Name Type Description
template string The template name to be used for display
usecookie string Set cookie to prevent repeated participation: 'Y' or 'N'
allowprev string Allow backward navigation: 'Y' or 'N'
showxquestions string Show "There are X questions in this survey": 'Y' or 'N'
shownoanswer string Show "No answer": 'Y' or 'N'
showprogress string Show progress bar: 'Y' or 'N'
questionindex integer Show question index / allow jumping: (0-1-2)
usecaptcha string Use CAPTCHA for survey access: 'Y' or 'N'
showgroupinfo string Show group name and/or group description: 'B','N','D','X'
showqnumcode string Show question number and/or code: 'B','N','D','X'
navigationdelay integer Navigation delay (seconds)


    public function __construct(PluginManager $manager, $id) {
        parent::__construct($manager, $id);
        $this->subscribe('afterFindSurvey', 'processTest');

    public function processTest(){