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The admin interface in LimeSurvey 4 has started a conversion to VueJS. VueJS is a reactive framework, like Angular and ReactJS. Some of the components in LimeSurvey 4 has been back-ported to LimeSurvey 3.

A reactive JavaScript framework has the potential to create a more fluid user experience by avoiding page reloads.


VueJS has extensive documentation online:


Vue is compiled to JavaScript. To compile it, you have to install the compile tools.

Install dependencies of a package by running yarn:

$ yarn

Then build both development and production by running

$ yarn build

TODO: Some components use another build system.


Vue can use events to communicate between components, for example to react when a button is clicked.


To emit an event, use

LS.EventBus.$emit("saveButtonCalled", this.button);

To subscribe:

LS.EventBus.$on("saveButtonCalled", (button) => { <do things...> });

And to unsubscribe:


Event list

Event name Argument Description
saveButtonCalled button Fired when save button is clicked in admin top-bar
componentFormSubmit button Fired from SaveController in adminbasics when saveButtonCalled is fired
reloadTopBar data (?) Reload the admin top panel


Unit-test system for JavaScript.

You can type

$ yarn run test

in a package folder to run all tests.


Some refactoring tasks that are scheduled for 2020:

  • Single-root instead of multiple
  • Remove duplicated Ajax calls
  • Remove code duplication
  • Remove pjax
  • Random warnings and errors during compilation
  • Remove compiled code from Github repository

More discussion can be viewed here.