UI meeting 6 (11th July)

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Meeting Log


   [15:09]    macduy: hi

       holch: Could you give me the link again?

       amit8-88: hello ;)

        holch: Hi Macduy!


   [15:10]    macduy: Hi holch!

       holch: Thanks Amit, I will have a quick look.

   [15:11]    amit8-88: ok

   [15:12]    holch: Could you just tell me where this screen would show up?

       holch: I have problems to imagine it in the process of the survey building.

       macduy: it would be one of the steps when building a survey

       holch: Yes.

       macduy: 1. Add Questions => 2. Organize them => 3. Condition Builder

       amit8-88: yeah

   [15:13]    holch: OK. So at the end of everything when you have the questionnaire in the right order, then you will create the conditioning?

   [15:14]    amit8-88: yes

       macduy: once you have finalized your form, you can build conditions into it

       holch: Makes sense, but is slightly different to what I am used to.

   [15:15]    amit8-88: yes it is very different than Ls1

       holch: I am trying to see right now, how it is done in LS1.

       amit8-88: AND/ Or are separated for much flexibility in adding conditions

       amit8-88: mainly the idea is to separate the conditions from actions

   [15:16]    amit8-88: so that the code can be reusable and can be applied to tokens, other attributes etc

       holch: Yes, makes sense.

   [15:17]    holch: Because those thingies repeat often.

       amit8-88: yes

       holch: OK, so let us go through the process.

   [15:18]    holch: I have a question.

       holch: What is "connector" for.

       amit8-88: "connector " is used to apply AND/OR to the conditions

   [15:19]    macduy: something that uniquely identifies the question

   [15:20]    holch: OK.

       holch: What I was used to with globalpark, you could build different branches.

       holch: Which can be pretty easy.

       holch: Can I do that here too or do I need to give a condition to every question?

   [15:21]    amit8-88: You mena branching questions ?

       amit8-88: mean*

   [15:22]    amit8-88: Show Q1 only if Q2="APPLE"?

       amit8-88: this kind of things ?

       holch: Well, that would be impossible, right?

   [15:23]    amit8-88: no its possible

       holch: Having a condition in Q2 for Q1?

       holch: You must be a wizard... ;-)

   [15:24]    amit8-88: first we create a condition like if Q1="APPLE" and then choose the actions as SHOW Q2

       macduy: so you meant it the other way round ;)

       amit8-88: yeah

   [15:25]    holch: So let me tell what I meant.

       macduy: although the condition builder would allow and execute such conditions like the above, it would just be stupid if someone did that

       holch: You have a bunch of questions that you will want to ask only, if the person is male, others only if the person is female.

   [15:26]    holch: As I understand the conditions are applied on a question basis and the survey follows question per question.

       holch: So than I would have to apply the conditions to every single question that is for male only.

   [15:27]    amit8-88: we can set conditions on  users attributes too

       amit8-88: ;)

       holch: I know.

   [15:28]    holch: what I mean is: do I have to apply the condition "show only when male" to every single question that is supposed to be for male only?

       amit8-88: ok then yes

       amit8-88: No in ls2 there is no concept of Show only ,

   [15:29]    amit8-88: we first build the condition and then select what actions to follow

       macduy: so there would be an action "Show these question: "

       amit8-88: for the moment its only show question :)

       macduy: ?

       macduy: k

       amit8-88: yeah there will be

       amit8-88: ;)

   [15:31]    holch: OK.

   [15:32]    holch: But this condition designer is for the dummy or for the more experienced user?

   [15:33]    amit8-88: well who ever takes it :)

       amit8-88: actually  i was to design a simple and advanced versions of conditions builder

       holch: OK.

       holch: This is just for me to understand who it is directed to.

   [15:34]    amit8-88: but i was very slow in my progress due to some problems

       amit8-88: so decided to put up a builder with max functionalities for now and can develop the other version later

       holch: OK.

       amit8-88: so you can say it is for advanced users ;)

   [15:36]    holch: OK. that is what I had assumed.

       amit8-88: ;)

   [15:37]    holch: What are the tabs for? Can you actually switch between those?

       amit8-88: no

   [15:39]    holch: As I can see you can add more lines, so like "do that if that is 5 and this is green and the other one is 56", right?

       amit8-88: yes

   [15:40]    holch: The negation and the brackets are necessary?

   [15:41]    amit8-88: well they determine the expression to combine two AND or OR statements

       amit8-88: two or more *

       macduy: the biggest drawback in LS1 condition builder is that you couldn't get certain conditions to work

       holch: Yes, that is what I figured.

   [15:42]    macduy: because you couldn't tell it which sub-conditions to evaluate first

       holch: And "Dummy" might not understand. But I think it is important to have.

   [15:43]    holch: This condition builder will create code?

       holch: Code that we could show?

       macduy: yes, it will show an expression

       macduy: at least, I think that was the idea, right amit? :)

   [15:46]    amit8-881: sorry got disconnected

   [15:47]    amit8-881: I am facing lots of problems with my interent these days :(

   [15:49]    macduy: we envision an advanced user wanting to edit/type in the condition himself

   [15:56]    amit8-881: ok is the conditions screen fine ? views /suggestions/ comments ?

   [15:57]    macduy: to be honest, I'm slightly reserved about those brackets

       macduy: is this is the advanced or the basic gui for conditions?

   [15:58]    amit8-881: advanced

       macduy: the solution for the brackets is very likeable

       macduy: in that it's so simple to use

       amit8-881: the basic one will not have those brackets ... at least this is what I and lemuer have thought of

       macduy: yet, it won't be able to cover all cases

   [15:59]    macduy: how would you build