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  • Google Analytics settings: If you would like to get further details about the survey web traffic, use Google Analytics. Three options are available:
    • None : Google Analytics will not be used;
    • Use settings below : If chosen, the survey owner can type in his or her Google Analytics Tracking ID to be stored only with the respective survey. You also have the possibility to choose one of the three Google Analytics styles:
      • Do not use Google Analytics - so {GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_JAVASCRIPT} is an empty string;
      • Default Google Analytics - {GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_JAVASCRIPT} uses the standard Google Analytics code, inserting the proper Google Analytics Key;
      • SurveyName-[SID]/GroupName - {GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_JAVASCRIPT} contains customized Google Analytics code to log the URL as {SURVEYNAME}-[{SID}]/{GROUPNAME}. This can be helpful if you want to analyze navigation paths through your survey, time spent per page, and drop-off rates per page.
    • Use global settings : If picked up, the survey will use the same Google Analytics Tracking ID as the one saved in the global settings and then you choose the desired Google Analytics style.