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From LimeSurvey Manual

  • Preview function - it allows you to quickly preview either only the question, the question group or the whole survey;
  • Edit question - Click on this button if you wish to change the code of the question, its advanced settings, or the help/question text;
  • Check logic - in the case in which complex conditioning and expressions are used, check first the logic of the question to see whether LimeSurvey finds any error within your input;
  • Delete question - click this button if you wish to delete the question;
  • Export question - once clicked, a .lsq file can be saved into your computer;
  • Copy question - this function allows you to quickly copy the question under a different ID (it helps you by not being forced to recreate the more complex questions);
  • Setting conditions - each question may receive conditions. Once the condition is applied, the respective question will not be displayed unless the respective condition is met;
  • Adding answers or subquestions - certain questions need answers and subquestions to be displayed correctly. To check which ones make use of them, please read our wiki section on question types;
  • Default answers - sometimes respondents leave the answer field empty. Therefore, if you wish to actually store a default answer within your database, type in here the default answer(s) you wish to be saved.