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Survey behavior

  • deletenonvalues: Use this feature with caution. By default (a value of 1), irrelevant questions are NULLed in the database. This ensures that the data in your database is internally consistent. However, there are rare cases where you might want to hold onto irrelevant values, in which case you can set the value to 0. For example, you ask a male person his gender, and he accidentally says 'female' and then answers some female-specific questions (questions that are conditioned on being female, so are only relevant for women). Then, he realizes his mistake, backs up, sets the gender to 'male', and continues with the survey.  Now, the female-specific questions are irrelevant. If $deletenonvalues==1, those irrelevant values will be cleared (NULLed) in the database. If $deletenonvalues==0, his erroneous answers will not be deleted, so they will still be present in the database when you analyze it.
  • shownoanswer: When a radio button/select type question that contains editable answers (i.e.: List, Array questions) is not mandatory and 'shownoanswer' is set to 1, an additional 'No answer' entry is shown - so that participants may choose to not answer the question. Some people prefer this not to be available. This setting can be overridden from the global settings dialog or edited in config.php. Valid values are:
    • '0': No;
    • '1': Yes;
    • '2': The Survey admin can choose.
  • printanswershonorsconditions: This setting determines if the printanswers feature will display entries from questions that were hidden by conditions-branching (Default: 1 = hide answers from questions hidden by conditions).
  • hide_groupdescr_allinone: This setting is relevant for all-in-one surveys using conditions . When this is set to 'true', the group name and description is hidden if all questions in the group are hidden. The default value is 'true' - hides group name and description when all questions in the group are hidden by conditions. It can be edited in config.php.
  • showpopups:  Show popup messages if mandatory or conditional questions have not been answered correctly:
    • '2' = defined by Theme option (default)
    • '1'= show popup message;
    • '0'= show message on page instead;
    • '-1'= do not show the message at all (in this case, users will still see the question-specific tips indicating which questions must be answered).