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From LimeSurvey Manual

  • Google Maps API Key: Allows for integration with Google Maps
  • Google Analytics Tracking ID: Allows for integration with Google Analytics. Surveys can override this site-level value. The tracking ID can be inserted into templates using {GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_API_KEY}. The full JavaScript that Google Analytics expects to find (including the key) can be included in templates via {GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_JAVASCRIPT}
Help.pngFor further details on how to use Google's API with LimeSurvey, check our Google API howto page.
  • Google Translate API Key:  The Auto Translate feature uses version 2 of Google Translate's API. Google charges for this service. In order for the Auto Translate feature to work, get an API key from this site, and then enter the key in this field
  • Character set for file import/export: You can specify the character set most suiting you and your system, if you experience problems with the exporting/importing functions