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From LimeSurvey Manual

  1. sub-selector can be one of the following:
  • comments - only subquestions that are comments (e.g., multiple choice with comment and list with comment);
  • nocomments - only subquestions that are not comments;
  • sq_X - where X is a row or column identifier.  Only subquestions matching pattern X are selected. Note that search is done on complete code identifier, then sq_X match and include subquestions nX, X, Xn (e.g. if you use sq_1, subquestions a1, 1a, 1, 11 or 001 was included). Put attention at dual scale question type where subquestions code are QCODE_SQCODE_1 and QCODE_SQCODE_1 and to ranking question type where subquestions code are QCODE_1,QCODE_2 ....