Replace jqGrid

From LimeSurvey Manual

We want to replace jQgrid with another similar jQuery library.


  • Hard to exactly control and style the HTML, e.g. wrap something with a span tag
  • Not maintained since the license changed
  • ...more?

Wanted features

  • Sort by column
  • Inline edit or pop-up edit
    • Pop-up dialog should handle CActiveForm and model rules validation
  • Edit single cell in-line?
  • Massive actions, e.g. marking 10 elements and delete all
  • Fetch using Ajax
  • Filter and/or search
  • Pagination
    • NB: There's a conflict between real-time filter and pagination. If nr of rows is very large, loading of complete table will take long time.
    • NB of NB : not with ajax : see response table in 2.06 (and maybe in 2.50). All grid filter and sort must be done in ajax. Columns*Number of row to show is the only issue. But if user ask 500 on a 500 columns : yes it's long ... wand we can not fix it.
  • GPL or MIT license (or another free licence like a speech)
  • i18n


Other notes


CPDB uses jQgrid to open up - within the table - possibilities to edit attributes and surveys for one participant. This should probably be a dialog instead.

Dialog or inline

  • Actual edit in token don't update link. And we have issue with some control. A dialog edit fix this 2 issue more easily.
  • Alterantive : use (still think dioalog editor is the best)