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This page is a translated version of the page Question type - File upload and the translation is 100% complete.

Rövid leírás

A fájlfeltöltési kérdéstípus használható fájl(ok) gyűjtésére a felhasználótól egy kérdésre adott válaszként. Például egy munkalehetőségekkel rendelkező cég ezt a kérdéstípust felhasználhatja arra, hogy felkérje a jelöltet, hogy küldje el/töltse fel frissített önéletrajzát, valamint a foglalkoztatási felmérésben szereplő egyéb szkennelt dokumentumokat.

Példa: File upload question

Ez a kérdés lehetővé teszi a felmérés tervezőjének, hogy korlátozza a felhasználó által a kérdésre válaszolva feltölthető fájlokat. Például a felmérés rendszergazdája csak az 1 MB-nál kisebb méretű PNG, JPG és JPEG képeket engedélyezhet.

Általános opciók

Condition (previously "Relevance equation")


If the result value of the condition is "1" or "true", the question is "relevant" in the survey context, i.e. it is shown to the survey participant. If not, the question is hidden. Any survey question allows you to specify a relevance equation. This function is the successor of conditions and supports much more complex conditional logic.

Syntax Highlighting

Whenever you save the condition, it is evaluated and syntax-highlighted. Any errors will be color coded so that you can quickly detect and fix them.

 Hint: To check if all conditions are used correctly within your survey, read about our show logic file feature.

Valid values

  • Any condition that makes use of the ExpressionScript syntax, without surrounding curly braces.


Here are good examples of syntax highlighting.


Hide tip (hide_tip)


Most questions will usually include a tip that says "Please choose one of the following options" or a hint text on how to fill out the question. This attribute allows you to turn off or on this tips/hints.

These tips/hints include validation criteria messages (such as min/max number of answers, min/max/equals sum value). If hide_tip is enabled, these messages will be hidden. However, if the user enters invalid data, the tips will appear. They will be coloured in red, getting changed to green once the validation criteria are met.

Available options

  • On - the tips/hints are hidden;
  • Off (default).

Question theme (question_theme)


It allows you to use customized themes for the respective question.

Available options

  • Your created question themes which are located under the Question themes in the Themes panel.


Note: This feature is under development at the moment.


CSS class (css_class)


If you want to add special CSS classes to certain questions, you can enter the CSS class name(s) in this box. Make sure you leave an empty space between different class names.

Valid values

  • Any text string with a space between different CSS class names.
 Hint: You can also insert an expression in this box (New in 3.0.0 ). Remember that the output of the expression will not be updated dynamically.

  According to the W3C, CSS class names can contain only the characters [a-zA-Z, and 0-9] and ISO 10646 characters U+00A1 and higher, plus the hyphen (-) and the underscore (_). They cannot start with a digit, or a hyphen followed by a digit. LimeSurvey encodes CSS classes, but it does not fix it totally.

Fájl metaadatai

Show title (show_title)


If enabled, a title textbox will be displayed where the respondent can enter a suitable title/subject for the uploaded file.

Available options

  • On (default) - a title textbox is displayed
  • Off

Show Comment (show_comment)


If enabled, a comment textbox will be displayed where the respondent can enter any comments on the uploaded file.

Available options

  • On (default) - a comment textbox is displayed
  • Off


QS:Véletlen csoport


Insert page break in printable view (page_break)


This attribute is only active when you actually print a survey from the Printable View. It forces a page break before the question.

Available options

  • On
  • Off (default)

Maximum file size allowed (max_filesize)

The maximum size of a file that should be allowed to be uploaded by the user.


If the maximum filesize is set to 1024 KB, any files larger than 1024 KB will be discarded, and the user will be asked to upload a smaller file.

Note: The final value shown to the survey participant is also depending on PHP settings, like post_max_size and upload_max_filesize. Of all three possible values (upload_max_filesize, post_max_size and max_filesize) the lowest one will be shown and used.

QS:Maximális fájlok száma

QS:Fájlok minimum száma

Allowed file types (allowed_filetypes)


You may enter in this field the file types that are allowed to be uploaded by the respondent as answer to the question. The file formats must be separated by a comma.


  • One may enter: JPG, jpeg, png, gif.
  When checking the allowed file types, LimeSurvey check extension and mime type. Default system know common mime types. If you need specific file type, you have to update your config.php file.


Display chart (display_chart)


This attribute allows the survey administrator to choose if a chart that contains the question results should be displayed to the survey participants after they filled out the survey.

Note: To have the chart displayed on the last page, you have to enable the following options:

Available options

  • On
  • Off (default)

Chart type (chart_type)


This attribute allows the survey administrator to choose which type of chart will be displayed to the respondent once he/she finished filling out the survey.

Note: Do not forget to change the question and survey settings in order to have the charts displayed at the end on the survey. For more details, check the wiki section on the display chart question attribute.

Available options

  • Bar chart
  • Pie chart
  • Radar
  • Line
  • PolarArea
  • Doughnut

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