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Brève description

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Le type de question de téléchargement de fichier peut être utilisé pour collecter des fichiers auprès d'un utilisateur en réponse à une question. Par exemple, une entreprise offrant des opportunités d'emploi pourrait utiliser ce type de question pour demander au candidat de soumettre/télécharger son CV mis à jour, ainsi que tout autre document numérisé dans l'enquête sur l'emploi.

Exemple : File upload question


Cette question donne au concepteur de l'enquête la possibilité de restreindre les fichiers pouvant être téléchargés par l'utilisateur en réponse à la question. Par exemple, l'administrateur de l'enquête peut autoriser uniquement les images PNG, JPG et JPEG d'une taille inférieure à 1 Mo.

Options générales



Hide tip (hide_tip)


Most questions will usually include a tip that says "Please choose one of the following options" or a hint text on how to fill out the question. This attribute allows you to turn off or on this tips/hints.

These tips/hints include validation criteria messages (such as min/max number of answers, min/max/equals sum value). If hide_tip is enabled, these messages will be hidden. However, if the user enters invalid data, the tips will appear. They will be coloured in red, getting changed to green once the validation criteria are met.

Available options

  • On - the tips/hints are hidden;
  • Off (default).

Question theme (question_theme)


It allows you to use customized themes for the respective question.

Available options

  • Your created question themes which are located under the Question themes in the Themes panel.


Note: This feature is under development at the moment.


QS:CSS Classe

Métadonnées du fichier

Show title (show_title)


If enabled, a title textbox will be displayed where the respondent can enter a suitable title/subject for the uploaded file.

Available options

  • On (default) - a title textbox is displayed
  • Off

Show Comment (show_comment)


If enabled, a comment textbox will be displayed where the respondent can enter any comments on the uploaded file.

Available options

  • On (default) - a comment textbox is displayed
  • Off


Randomization group name (random_group)


It places the questions into a specified randomization group, all questions included in the specified group being displayed in a random order to the survey respondents.

You can find a sample survey using randomization group name in ExpressionScript sample survey.

Valid values

Just enter any string you like (for example: 'group1'). All question which have set the same string within the randomization group name box will have their place in the survey randomized (=randomly exchanged among each other).

Preview To preview the questions use the preview survey instead of the preview question group function, as the second has been reported to not show the questions in a randomized order.


Insert page break in printable view (page_break)


This attribute is only active when you actually print a survey from the Printable View. It forces a page break before the question.

Available options

  • On
  • Off (default)

Maximum file size allowed (max_filesize)

The maximum size of a file that should be allowed to be uploaded by the user.


If the maximum filesize is set to 1024 KB, any files larger than 1024 KB will be discarded, and the user will be asked to upload a smaller file.

Note: The final value shown to the survey participant is also depending on PHP settings, like post_max_size and upload_max_filesize. Of all three possible values (upload_max_filesize, post_max_size and max_filesize) the lowest one will be shown and used.

QS:Nombre maximum de fichiers

QS:Nombre minimum de fichiers

Allowed file types (allowed_filetypes)


You may enter in this field the file types that are allowed to be uploaded by the respondent as answer to the question. The file formats must be separated by a comma.


  • One may enter: JPG, jpeg, png, gif.
  When checking the allowed file types, LimeSurvey check extension and mime type. Default system know common mime types. If you need specific file type, you have to update your config.php file.


Display chart (display_chart)


This attribute allows the survey administrator to choose if a chart that contains the question results should be displayed to the survey participants after they filled out the survey.

Note: To have the chart displayed on the last page, you have to enable the following options:

Available options

  • On
  • Off (default)

Chart type (chart_type)


This attribute allows the survey administrator to choose which type of chart will be displayed to the respondent once he/she finished filling out the survey.

Note: Do not forget to change the question and survey settings in order to have the charts displayed at the end on the survey. For more details, check the wiki section on the display chart question attribute.

Available options

  • Bar chart
  • Pie chart
  • Radar
  • Line
  • PolarArea
  • Doughnut

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