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Question Editor 2

The question editor 2 got necessary because of the bad support for CKEditor4 in modern browsers. It is based on VueJS and the CKEditor5 which ahs far better support for modern browsers and will also be supported for a long time.

Though support for IE11 should be given, there is a small chance for older browsers to fail working with question editor 2.

The question editor 2 is still in developement and will have some bugs. There is a list of things that should work and things that are still in developement below.

Features implemented

  • general text editing
  • setting general and advanced options and storing them
  • setting, and removing subquestions and answer options
  • live preview of the question

Features missing

  • quick edit
  • label sets
  • live updating general and advanced options
  • live updating subquestions and answer options
  • error reporting (currently an error crashes the whole thing)