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Use mapping service (location_mapservice)


If this option is activated, then the free text question type will display a map and not a text box to the respondents (they cannot be used both together concurrently).

Available options

  • Off (default)
  • OpenStreetMap via MapQuest
  • Google Maps

Important.png  Google Maps needs a valid Google Map API Key!

Help.pngIf the Google Maps option is selected and the question is set to mandatory, the respondent must move the red point or enter the geographical data in the latitude/longitude textbox. The user cannot rely on the default values and hit the "Next" button. It is highly recommended to advise the users about this beforehand in the question text.


Help.pngOpenStreetMap via MapQuest uses GeoNames for the search box (with a user created for LimeSurvey). If you need to be sure that your access has not been restricted or if you use the GeoNames API a lot, the best best solution is to use GeoNames Webservices and set it up in your config.php file.