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Label column width (label_column_width)


The label column width option allows you to set the width of the label/subquestion (of the wrapper of each label). Please note that this option does not set the width of the column where the labels are located.

Available options

  • Default: If selected, a default value will be allocated to have both the label and its corresponding text input box on the same line. For example, if the text input box width is 92% and the label column width is set to default, the label and its corresponding answer text box will be displayed on the same row. If the width of the label "wrapper" was higher than 7%, then the text input box would be displayed on the next line.
  • Hidden: If chosen, the first column (that contains subquestions) will not be displayed to the survey respondent.
  • 8%; 17% ... 92%; 100%: the bigger the selected value, the larger the width of the subquestion.

Example: If you wish to have each subquestion displayed on its own row, increase the width to 100%, the text input box being then displayed under each subquestion.