Plugin shop

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This is a community feedback page for the plugin shop, an upcoming feature for LimeSurvey.

The plugin shop is meant let users sell their own plugins, themes, question templates and demo surveys to other users on All products should be available for both the Community Edition of LimeSurvey and LimeSurvey Pro hosted solution.

The plugin shop is in an early conceptual phase. No release date is set.

Extension list

List should show:

  • Plugin active/not active.
  • Plugin name.
  • Plugin version.
  • Is plugin up to date? If not, a button to update plugin (provided user has a key).
  • Is plugin compatible with current version of LimeSurvey?

At loading, each extension need to contact remote server to check for latest version. Can be done using Ajax (only the "Up to date" column is loaded async), or only by manually clicking "Check for updates".

It should be possible to click on each row to go to a specific custom made extension page, where you can edit configuration, enter update key, read news, etc. This page can have multiple tabs.

The plugin list should be replaced by a more general extension list, where you can filter by category, compatibility, etc.

Remote plugin repository

The plugin repository need to apply some standards so LimeSurvey can analyze the version numbers.

TODO: Tagging?


Plugin compatibility must be included in the config.xml file. Example:


Compatible for 2.77 and later LS2 versions, and for 3.5 and later LS3 versions.

The bug fix version number (third number) should not be included in the version number.


12:27   shnoulle   Think of config.json file maybe for versionning / update url etc …
12:43   shnoulle   And some "validated by LS team" / not validated by LS Team
13:15      Tammo   And some tagging, for making search easier?
13:16      Tammo   Tested in version x.xx.x?