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Mapping of LimeSurvey 1.91+ to ExpressionScript Functionality

Old Feature New Feature Comments
Conditions Relevance You can use very complex conditional equations, and access a broader range of variables
Assessments Equation Any assessment scores can be re-structured into an Equation. This both ensures that the score is written to the database, and also lets you see dynamic changes to the score value on the current page
Replacements ExpressionScript The core engine takes the input string and treats everything within curly braces as an Expression - so it handles all historical replacements types.  To avoid messing up embedded JavaScript, ExpressionScript only processes content between curly braces as long as (a)  there is no leading or trailing whitespace within the curly braces - e.g. {expr} is an expression, but { expr}, {expr }, and { expr } are not expressions.  Furthermore, ExpressionScript does not process content within its own strings (e.g. {list('hi','there {braces}')} generates "hi there {braces}").  It also ignores escaped curly braces (e.g. \{this is not an expression\})
Validation ExpressionScript The plan is to take the current min/max Question Attributes and have ExpressionScript process them.  That way the min/max values can be expressions themselves