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How to hide the language switcher from the welcome page

In the case in which you decide to launch a multilingual survey, you will observe on the welcome page a drop-down menu that permits your respondents to select the language in which they wish to fill in your survey:

Language switcher show languages.png

However, in certain scenarios you wish to hide the respective option. There are many ways in which you can hide the language switcher. The "twig" way is displayed below.

Access Themes from the global [[Configuration menu.

Language switcher themes.png

Click on the Theme editor button to edit the desired theme:

Language switcher theme editor.png

Help.pngLimeSurvey does not allow you to edit the standard themes! If you wish to add changes to a standard team, click on the Extend button located on the top bar to create a copy of the standard theme.

Look on the left side of the screen for the language_changer.twig file.

Location language switcher twig.png

Go to the line that contains the following function:

{% if == true %}

Comment it out (replace "%" with "#") and copy the following line below it:

{% if false == true %}

The line should look like this in the end:

Language switcher code replacement.png

Click on "Copy to local theme and save changes".

Access your survey and select the edited theme from the general settings panel. Now, the welcome page should look like this:

Hide language switcher twig.png

How to hide the language switcher located on the top menu

To hide the top language switcher, we will follow pretty much the same steps as described above. We just have to access the right twig file to edit it. Access again the theme you wish to change, and then go to Screen which is located in the upper-right part of the window and select Navigation from the dropdown list. Now, look on the left side of the window for "language_changer_top_menu.twig". Click on it and comment out:

{% if == true %}

Add the following line below it:

{% if false == true %}

No language switcher will be displayed on the right side of the screen:

Language switcher hide top menu.png