Manage roles

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Manage roles

Since version 4 LimeSurvey has an inbuilt role system for global permissions.

A role is a template for a user permission, that is applied to the user instead of his own set permissions.

Basic overview

To see the role management check the configuration and click on Create/edit roles


You will see an overview of the currently available roles and a possibility to create or import a role.


There are five buttons in the actions column assigned to all roles.


  • The view button, identifiable by the magnifying glass icon, will give you an overview over all the users that are currently members of this role.
  • Edit permissions, identidfied by the lock icon, opens the permission table. All permissions selected here will be applied to any member of the role
  • Edit role, identified by the edit icon, opens the edit mask again, where name and description can be amended to need.
  • Export role, identified by the download icon, lets you export a permission as an XML-File, to be imported into another instance as needed.
  • Delete role, identified with the red trashbin icon, deletes the role, but shows a confimration modal first.

Add a new role

To add a new role click on Add role in the top bar.

  • Put in a name for the role.
    • It should be as short as possible, as this is the identifier used when applying to users
  • Put in a Description
    • The description will be shown only on the overview page. Add a short description on what the role should be obliged to do.

ATTENTION! Both input fields are required and need to be filled!

  • Last click on Save