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This page lists current Limesurvey releases, future development, and release goals. We will try to update this regularly with more details as they become available, but please help us (yes, we are talking about you!).

Goals cannot be fulfill by itself so if you want to give a helping hand or contribute new features yourself please get in touch!

Last update: 2016/09/21

Limesurvey v2.06 - Status: Archived

  • LimeSurvey v2.06 will not receive new features or updates - instead see 2.06 LTS version

Limesurvey v2.06 LTS (Feb/March 2016) - Status: Archived

  • A LTS (Long term support) version will be made available to users that bought a LimeSurvey Premium Package (= Comfort Update) - this LTS version includes mainly security fixes.
  • This long term support version is scheduled to be maintained until at least 12/2016.

Limesurvey v2.50 (Feb 2016) - Status: Archived

  • Completely new administration interface
  • Fully responsive survey templates

Limesurvey 3.0.0 - Status: Released (Feb 2018)

Biggest changes:

  • Using Twig as template engine.
  • Possible for templates (now called themes) to inherit options and files from each other.
  • Question templates (still work-in-progress).
  • New side-menu and enhanced admin interface.
  • LTS Status at least until December 2020

LimeSurvey 3 LTS - Status: Release (Jan 2020)

LimeSurvey 3 will be supported as LTS until the end of 2020.

Limesurvey 4.0.0 - Status: Release (Jan 2020)

  • LimeStore beta
  • Possible to install plugins via ZIP-file
  • Update checks for plugins available in LimeStore
  • New question editor using VueJS
  • More...

Planned features

  • Convert LimeSurvey to Yii 2
  • Refactor answer database to get rid of column limitations
  • Further development of question themes

This list is incomplete. See for more details.

Current release schedule

This release schedule is written 5. May 2020, for release 4.3.0.

A bug fix release is released every Monday, for both master and develop branch.

Please also see the manual about the release process.

Action Branch Expected Actual Description
Announcement of release schedule - Tuesday 5. May 2020 - This release schedule is written and announced
Merge window begins develop Tuesday 5. May 2020 - We accept pull requests of new features into the develop branch.
All new features must be have a discussing Mantis report and automatic acceptance tests.
Merge window closes develop Monday 1. June 2020 - Feature freeze, no more features are added to develop branch
Release of 4.3.0 master Monday 15. June 2020 - develop branch is merged into master and released as 4.3.0
If release team deem the develop branch is not stable enough, more weeks will be added to the debug period
New release schedule - Monday 15. June 2020 - A new release schedule is written