LimeSurvey Users

From LimeSurvey Manual

There are several classes of possible people who access a LimeSurvey installation. But only one group of people belongs to the user category, category that is described in the code and documentation. So, let's take a look at what the user category means for us so that we can better grasp the terminology of the program.

Class Description
Installation Administrator Those people who create user accounts to allow others to create, edit, activate, and/or view surveys and their results. They could be given access to edit the templates, label sets, and/or other key features independent of any particular survey stored.
Survey Administrator A person with an account that is given some management access to a particular survey. Each survey can have its own set of users with specific rights to manipulate it. These rights can be as broad as to activate a survey and possibly edit its question base. They can be as minimum as simply able to review the results to date.
Participant Those people who simply respond or participate in taking a survey. They may or may not have token access. They do not need a login account to the administrative interface and thus are not termed users.
Installer A special class of persons who has access to the MySQL (or similar) database server and (possibly) to the command line interface (CLI) of the operating system in order to install and configure the survey software. This person is usually asked to setup the initial Superadmin user account from which other user accounts can be created.
Developer A special class of persons who has access to the source code and can manipulate it to change the behavior of the program.

Please note: A comprehensive list will be soon added.