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Note: These installation instructions are for version 2.0 or later. Older instructions for 1.92 can be found here and update instructions can be found here.


The LimeSurvey project provides two ways to install LimeSurvey:

  • On your webserver:
    In this case, just follow the instructions on this page starting with step 1.
  • On your local Windows PC:
    You usually only want to install LimeSurvey on your local PC if you want to create surveys locally (mainly for speed or development/test reasons) and upload them later to your live LimeSurvey installation on a web server. We have prepared for this a special package for LimeSurvey which includes the web server, the database, and the LimeSurvey application and instructions how to install it.

Prerequisiti per usare LimeSurvey sul tuo sito web

LimeSurvey richiede che il tuo server abbia delle caratteristiche minime. Prima di procedere all'installazione, assicurati di disporre dei seguenti requisiti.

Note 64x64 bubble lime.png The minimum set of requirements will also be checked during the installation process!

The minimum set of requirements:

  • Minimum 180 MB disk space.
  • MySQL 5.5.3 or later OR Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or later OR Postgres 9 or later.
  • Minimum PHP 5.3.3 or later, however we recommend PHP 5.5.x or later with the following modules/libraries enabled:
    • mbstring (Multibyte String Functions) extension library.
    • PDO database driver for MySQL (pdo_mysql or pdo_mysqli) or Postgres (pdo_pgsql) or MSSQL (pdo_sqlsrv for Windows and pdo_dblib for Linux).
    • Also, we assume in general that all PHP default libraries are enabled (like hash, session, etc.).
Note: LimeSurvey 2.x uses different database drivers than 1.x. If you get a message not No DBO driver was found during the installation, you will have to contact your web server provider and ask him or her to activate one of the aforementioned database driver libraries.
Note: If you are connecting from Linux to a MSSQL database on a Windows server using the dblib PDO driver, then the underlying FreeTDS needs to be set up correctly. Check out the Troubleshooting page for more information.

Optional PHP Extensions:

In most cases, your web server provider or system administrator will be able to help you out with these optional components.

If you want to run Microsoft's IIS server, taking a look at "Installation on XP with IIS might also help.

Browser compatibility

For the survey-taking side, we currently support IE9 and all newer comparable browsers like FF, Chrome, Opera, etc., with activated JavaScript. For the administration part, we currently support IE11 and all newer comparable browsers like FF, Chrome, Opera, etc., with activated JavaScript. We do not support any IE version running in Intranet-mode or Compatibility-mode!

Screen sizes

We support any reasonable screen size for survey taking (360px x 640px and up). The minimum supported screen resolution for the LimeSurvey administration page is 1280px x 1024px.

Hosting for LimeSurvey

LimeSurvey should work with most hosting companies that provide PHP and MYSQL. If you want a ready-installed version of LimeSurvey, you could try LimeSurvey Professional, else check out our list of LimeSurvey-compatible hosting companies.

Download del pacchetto di LimeSurvey

Download the latest stable LimeSurvey zip package (there are also gzip, bz2 and 7zip packages available for your convenience) and save it to your local disk.

Estrazione dei file del pacchetto di LimeSurvey

Uncompress the zip file into a dedicated directory/folder using your preferred compression software. When you uncompress the file make sure that you uncompress the directory structure with the files (this is default behavior for most compression programs). The path name for the installation directory should not include ( or ) special characters, but may include the space character.

Raccolta delle informazioni sul proprio server

You will need to know the following things to install LimeSurvey on your web server correctly:

  • Your intended website URL where your scripts will reside (e.g:
  • The physical disk location on your server where your scripts will reside (e.g.: /home/usr/htdocs/limesurvey).
  • The IP/net location of your database server (i.e.: localhost).
  • If your database server uses a non-standard port, find out which port it is.
  • Your user name and password for your database server.
  • With most providers you can't let the script create the database, but have to do it yourself. If you are using such a provider, please create a database (for example limesurvey) yourself.

Upload dei file per il tuo web server

Usa il tuo programma FTP per collegarti al tuo web server e creare una cartella dove archiviare gli script. Quindi fai l'upload dei file usando la struttura di cartelle e sottocartelle predefinita. Assicurati di effettuare l'upload dei file in modalità binaria (verifica le impostazioni del programma FTP che stai usando). Considera che l'upload in modalità ASCII potrebbe generare errori non controllabili (per esempio 'class not found' durante l'installazione), inoltre le immagini potrebbero essere caricate non correttamente

Set directory permissions

For the script to work properly it needs certain access to some directories - this applies especially to Linux/*nix systems.

  • The "/limesurvey/tmp" directory (and all its subdirectories and files) are used for imports & uploads and should be set to Read & Write for your webserver.
  • The "/limesurvey/upload/" directory (and all its subdirectories and files) must also have Read & Write for your webserver in order to enable picture and media files upload.
  • The "/limesurvey/application/config/" directory also needs Read & Write permissions for your webserver.
  • The other directories can be set to Read Only. You may wish in Linux/Unix to set the permissions on each file within the /limesurvey/admin directory to Read Only.
If you are using Linux, then setting permissions depends on your webserver configuration. For example, if you use Apache HTTPD on CentOS, type chmod -R 755 <directory> ; chown -R apache <directory>. This will give everyone access to read, and your webserver will have the permission to write. Check the following link for more information on Linux permissions.

Creare l'utenza il database

LimeSurvey will create a database and the tables inside it. To be able to do this, it will need the user name and password of a database user. We generally recommend to create a database user with the following permissions:



- Microsoft SQL Server: Unknown - if you can find out this information please complete it.

Esecuzione dello script di installazione

Go to "". If you configured everything correctly, the LimeSurvey installer should be starting - just follow the instructions. You will be asked whether you wish to create the database and/or create the tables inside the database. LimeSurvey will then create the needed tables in the database.

Collegarsi all'interfaccia di amministrazione per la prima volta

After the installer has finished you are done! Open your browser and enter the URL to the LimeSurvey administration. Assuming you used 'limesurvey' as the directory name to store the files in, this will be something like "".

You should get a login screen. The default login credentials (if they have not been changed during the installation) are:

User: admin
Password: password

Ricordati di cambiare la password di default dopo che ti sei collegato la prima volta.

Se hai dei problemi...

Like all computer programs, most of the time things will work just like the instructions say, but sometimes they just won't. There are too many possible reasons for things not going according to plan to describe here. If you have trouble, first check out the Installation FAQ. If you don't find your answer there, please post your problem and any error messages in the LimeSurvey forums, open a support ticket, or join the IRC channel: