GSoC Student Application Template

From LimeSurvey Manual

When you make your student application for LimeSurvey on the Google Website you will be asked to provide the following information.

We have reprinted it here so you can start organising yourself early - but you do not submit the application to us, it is submitted to google.

Note that we will be thrilled if you can provide additional information about your project (ie: screenshots, designs etc.) on a seperate webpage (of your own, we won't host it for you).

Be as detailed as you possibly can with your "project proposal".


1: Please complete the following information:

(if you can't answer any, enter 'none')

Your Name:

Your Email:

Your IRC Nick:

Your IM and user id (): ie: Skype, jasebo (Skype is preferred)

Your location and timezone:    ie: Melbourne Australia, GMT+10

Your school/educational institution and course:    ie: Monash University, Computer Science

2: Please outline your project proposal with as much detail as possible

- We expect this to be lengthy and descriptive. Short summaries will not be sufficient for us to select your project.

3: How will LimeSurvey benefit from your proposal?

4: Please list specific milestones and deliverables for your proposal:

- Milestones and deliverables are points or stages during the project that can be used to check that appropriate progress is being made. A milestone may be a point where certain functionality is available. Milestones or deliverables have to be measurable and explicit, so there has to be something you can show to indicate that a milestone or deliverable has been attained.

- There must be mid-term milestones and milestones for the end of the project

- If your proposal is successful, we will pursue milestones and deliverables in greater with you, but we need an indication initially of what milestones you believe can be reached.

5: What Open Source Development Experience do you have?

Please let us know of any experience you have with Open Source projects, whether that is with large coding projects, small projects, bug reports or tiny bug fixes.

6: What other coding, work or related experience do you have?

Let us know of any other experience or skills you have that are related to our project, your proposal and your capacity to achieve the goals you've set out.

7: Academic Experience:

Please detail what you are studying at your higher education institution that is relevant to our project and your proposal. Let us know you're going with it.

8: Why have you chosen LimeSurvey?

Let us know why you chose to apply for GSoC with LimeSurvey.