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Create a video tutorial for creating a custom survey template (Training) - recKz

The main video will comprise of six individual videos. They will be about:

An overview of the template editor and a description of what each area of the template editor is used for.

This Video will start off with an introduction into the video and what we will be looking at today. Following this a demo installation of LimeSurvey will be launched showing the template editor. After this I will create a copy of the default template to show them how to create a new template. I will then show them how to preview the template in different formats as well as change the template that is currently being worked on. Following this I will show them how to change the screen that is being worked on.

We will then move onto how to find the resources related to a template and where to find the code editor. Lastly, I will show where the remaining template management tools are located (renaming, deleting, exporting and importing).

An explanation of the different screens.

Inserting a company logo in to the template.

Basic adjustments in the css to modify the appearance of questions.

Customizing the survey description page.

Customizing the end page.