Directory structure

From LimeSurvey Manual

This page should explain the directory hierarchy for the Yii branch.


  • application -- Contains the Yii limesurvey application, back-end stuff should mostly be in here.
    • config -- Contains the configuration for the framework and LimeSurvey.
    • controllers -- Contains the controllers from the MVC paradigm.
    • core
    • errors
    • helpers
    • hooks
    • language
    • libraries
    • logs
    • models
    • tests
    • third_party -- Contains third party libraries that are used by the backend and do not have to be available directly from a browser.
    • views
  • docs
  • fonts
  • framework -- The Yii framework. This directory should not be changed unless you are updating Yii.
  • images
  • installer -- Contains files for initial installation and upgrading.
  • locale
  • plugins -- Shipped and custom plugins
  • scripts -- Contains javascript files.
  • styles-public -- Contains css files (difference with normal styles dir?)
  • styles -- Contains css files
  • templates
  • third-party -- This contains (scripting) libraries that must be available directly via the browser. For example jquery. Only place original libraries here, put configuration in the scripts dir. Create a subdirectory for each library, but don't include the version number in the directory; this allows for easy upgrading.
  • tmp
  • upload