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Default values (defaults)


This lets you set the default values for some list question type, multiple choice question types and text question type (New in 1.92 ) .

Valid values

  • For single choice questions, you will see drop-down boxes letting you select the desired default.
  • For multi choice questions, you will see check boxs letting you select the desired default state (checked or not-checked).
  • For text-entry questions (New in 1.92 ), you will have a text entry field in which you can enter any string or expression. If you use an expression, you need to include curly braces.
  • For date time questions, if you're using an expression to set a date, the format must be like date('Y-m-d') or date('Y-m-d H:i'). For example, if you want to set the current time as default in a date question with format HH:MM (hour and minute), you would use the full format in the default answer expression: date('Y-m-d H:s'). The format in the expression is independent of the format in the question settings.


  • You have a non-anonymous survey, where {TOKEN:ATTRIBUTE_1} is the person's age as of the time the tokens table was created. You want to prefill a question with the person's age and ask them to validate that the age is accurate, or let them change the age value if it is not accurate. In the text entry field for the default value, you would enter {TOKEN:ATTRIBUTE_1}

Caution with default value and hidden question

  • If you have hidden question with default value, this default value is set only when the user come to the step of this question. This mean that if whole group his hidden, then no default value is set, or if you are in question by question mode, no default value is set.
  • For hidden question, an alternative solution can be used Expression manager with assignment operator.