Cron (command)

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 Hint: This features is available starting in version 2.06
 Hint: This feature changed with version 2.57.2


This event is used when server admin sets a crontab command.

How to use

This event needs to be called with php cli command. php yourlimesurveydir/application/commands/console.php plugin cron --interval=X

Important.png  Before 2.75.2 : You must call the command in the LimeSurvey directory.The directory yourlimesurveydir/application/runtime must be writable by the webserver and the interval is not in option.


The event receives the following information:

  • interval the interval parameter, set this to the interval (in minutes) you want to run this cron job. Plugins can use this information to self-limit their execution time or check when the event will fire next.