Clôturer un questionnaire

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Il existe deux façons de clôturer un questionnaire :

It is strongly recommended to use the expiry option to close a survey. - See below why.


You can manuallly expire the survey if you edit the survey details and set an "Expiry Date" - alternatively when trying to deactivate the survey an option to expire will be offered which does the same.

  • No results lost
  • No respondent information lost
  • Change of questions, groups and parameters is limited
  • An expired survey is not accessible to participant (they only see a message that the survey has expired)
  • It's possible to perform statistics on responses inside LimeSurvey

To make the survey available to your participants again, change or remove the expiration date in your survey settings.


→ Click on "Stop this survey" in the administration panel.

  • All results lost (at least you can not access them via LimeSurvey)
  • All respondent information lost
  • An expired survey is not accessible to a respondent (only a message appears that you are not permitted to see this survey)
  • All questions, groups and parameters are editable again

Date limite de réponse

→ Editez les propriétés du questionnaire et choisissez une "Date limite de réponse".

  • Les résultats ne sont pas perdus
  • Aucune information sur les participants n'est perdue
  • Les changements dans les questions, les groupes et les paramètres sont limités
  • Un questionnaire expiré n'est plus accessible (vous voyez simplement un message comme quoi le questionnaire est expiré)

Par conséquent, il est recommandé d'utiliser une date limite de réponse (=date d'expiration).

Then, and only then the following steps will work.

  1. Activate your survey again
  2. Go to the "Browse responses for this survey" menu.
  3. Select the "Import answers from a deactivated survey table" menu entry.
  4. Choose your source table.
  5. Click at the "Import responses" button.