Изменение порядка групп

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Измените порядок групп нажав Организатор групп и вопросов Reorder.png в панели инструментов опроса.

Группы вопросов и вопросы в них отображены по порядку. Вы можете просто кликнуть на группу или вопрос и перенести в нужное место для изменения очередности.

If you set conditions on question the particular condition might prevent re-ordering a group before/after another group. In that case you will have to delete the particular condition(s) first.

Starting in Version 1.92:  You can always re-order questions and groups, even if there are conditions.  You don't need to delete conditions. This is because Expression Manager converts any conditions you enter via the Conditions Editor into a Relevance Equation, and is able to detect, such as via the Show Logic File button, whether you have used any variables before declaring them.