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 Hint: This features is available starting in version 4.0.0


This event can be used each time an email related to a survey and not related to a token is send


The event receives the following information:

  • mailer : The mailer object
  • type : Email type : 'admin_notification', 'admin_detailed_notification', 'savesurveydetails','errorsavingresults' . default is unknow, and deprecated usage of function is 'deprecated'
  • subject : Email subject
  • to : Recipient(s) with format [email,name]
  • body : Email body content
  • from : Sender (From)
  • bounce : The Sender (Return-Path)
  • survey : the survey id (integer)
  • model : invitation, reminder or type
  • updateDisable : array

Possible output

The following information can be set in the event:

  • updateDisable : if plugin use mailer to update other parts, allow to disable update by default action
  • subject : Email subject
  • body : Email body content
  • to : Recipient(s) in [[email,name]] format
  • from : From email and name
  • bounce : Return-Path
  • send : If true Limesurvey will send the email. Setting this to false will cause Limesurvey to assume the mail has been sent by the plugin.
  • message : If send is true and action return a message : the message to be shown
  • error : If set and "send" is true, log the error as failed email attempt.


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