Audit log

From LimeSurvey Manual

Audit log plugin creates a log of administration events in a specific table called <DB prefix>auditlog_log. The list of events that are logged is:

  • Survey administrator is created or modified
  • Survey administrator has logged in successfully
  • Survey administrator has logged out
  • Survey administrator try to log in but fail
  • Survey administrator is deleted
  • Survey participant is created or modified
  • Survey participant is deleted
  • Central database participant is created or modified
  • Central database participant is deleted
  • User permissions modifications
  • Survey settings modifications

Columns of auditlog_log table are:

  • id : Integer incremental identifier of the event log
  • created : Date and time of event log creation
  • uid : Id of the user who performs the logged action
  • entity : Entity of the object of the logged event (for example an user or a participant)
  • entityid : Id of the object of previous column entity
  • action : Name of the logged action (for example create, update, delete, afterSuccessfulLogin, etc)
  • fields : Field names of the object of the action from previous column
  • oldvalues : Old values of fields from previous column (for example in modifications)
  • newvalues : New values of fields from previous column (for example in modifications). In case of logging events, this column content is the username.

In case of login events (afterSuccessLogin, afterFailedLoginAttempt and beforeLogout) the contents of columns uid and entityid are the same: The uid of user loggin in or logging out. The username is in newValus column.

LS admin can configure which events are logged from this list by using the check boxes of plugin configuration page. Some of this events are related to specifics surveys. There is a specific configuration option for each survey in Survey settings -> General Settings -> General options -> Plugins -> Settings for plugin AuditLog -> Audit log for this survey. This configuration option allows to completely disable Audit log for specific surveys. If we want to log all events of a survey we have to enable all events in plugin configuration and we have to enable specific survey logging.