From LimeSurvey Manual

 Hint: This features is available starting in version 2.05 build 141006


This event is fired just before action of a quota is done, before the page for quota completed is shown.


The event receives the following information:

Name Type Description
surveyId integer The id of the current survey
responseId integer The id of the current response
aMatchedQuotas array<?> Array of the quota matched

Possible output

Name Type Description
message string The message to be shown to user (replace default message)
url string The url to be used in message (replace default url)
urldescrip string The url description to be shown to user (replace default urldescrip)
action integer The action to be used (replace default action)
  1. Set token completed to Q and kill survey session
  2. Don't touch token and allow update answers (Add a move previous to message)
autoloadurl boolean? Did we autolad url (use 1 or "1" actually) (replace default autoloadurl)

?? Adding content - use of addContent function


// todo